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How to Find a Move

First, make sure that your board is on a dark background in a well lit area. Avoid colored lighting, as that can keep the app from recognizing the pieces. Avoid glare on the pieces or board, as it interferes with recognizing them.

To make a move, point the camera at the board and press the 'Find Move' button. After a few seconds, an image of the board will appear with the locations of the pieces highlighted and the location of the new piece blinking in a similar shade.

If the highlighted pieces do not match the layout of the board, try again from a different angle.

For best performance, place the board on a dark solid colored background.

Performance is best when the picture is taken from directly above the board, especially near the end of the game.

If the app fails to return a move, check that the camera was pointed at the board, and that the area around the board was clear. Then, try again.


The official order of the colors is Blue, Yellow, Red, Green. If you are using this order, leave the 'Use Official Move Order?' setting on. Otherwise, you need to set the color the app is to play. If you want the app to use a picture from your photo library instead of an image you take with the app, turn on the 'Use Picture from Library?' setting. When this setting is enabled, pressing the 'Find Move' button will prompt you to select an image from your library.

The settings page.


If you do not have a Blokus® board, but still want to try the app, please download one or more of these sample images and use it with the app. These are large images, to best represent how the app would perform with a real board, so be careful viewing or downloading them if you are in an area with slow internet.

Please note that I have selected only images that work with the app. This is not intended to decieve you: while I'm confident that you'll be satisfied with the performance of this app, it is not perfect. For more information on things that can go wrong, check out the Support Page.

Sample Image 01

Sample Image 02

Sample Image 03

Sample Image 04

Sample Image 05

Sample Image 06

Sample Image 07

Sample Image 08

Sample Image 09

Sample Image 10

Sample Image 11

Sample Image 12

Sample Image 13

Sample Image 14

Sample Image 15